What would be the best ammo to use for my in home protection pistol?

There are a number of important choices that need to be made before you buy if you’re considering buying a firearm for personal defence. The key options are which type and calibre handgun you are going to carry, and both are major factors. Your gun needs to be comfortable and easy to handle, and it needs to be chambered in a calibre that generates manageable recoil and generates enough energy to deter an intruder. Because the purpose of your gun is to protect yourself and your loved ones, the ammo you choose isn’t a decision you should be taking lightly. However, relatively few shooters spend a lot of time choosing the necessary ammunition for self-defense, and that is a mistake.

Choosing the right self-defense ammo

So, what ammunition type are you supposed to buy? Here’s a list of some top options that were all built with one goal in mind – protecting you and your family.

  1. Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection

Speer pioneered bonded core bullets, and the Uni-Cor bonding process of the brand secures the jacket to the lead core of the alloy and effectively removes the jacket/core separation odds.

The specific hollow point design of the bullet is produced in two phases: the first controls how much the bullet can expand; the second decides the expansion rate. This two-stage template does an efficient job balancing growth and penetration. Smooth bullet profiles and nickel-plated cases ensure consistent feeding in your gun, and these rounds are loaded for proper ignition with quality CCI primers.

  1. Speer Personal Protection Short Barrel

This load shares the same characteristics you’ll find in the regular line of Personal Defense, including two-stage construction nickel cases and Speer bullets, tailored for short-barreled handguns.

However, there are a range of recent defensive handguns that have barrels that are 3 inches or less in length, contributing to lower muzzle speeds. In short-barreled defensive weapons, standard ammunition doesn’t always work well, so Speer launched their Short Barrel ammunition line.

These loads are specifically designed for small handguns using special propellants, and compact, lightweight carrying weapons have better performance.

  1. American Eagle Jacketed Soft Point

The Jacketed Soft Point ammunition of American Eagle provides expansion of energy shedding, deep penetration and costs less than many competing defensive loads. This is a much better choice for self-defense than soft lead or FMJ bullets if your ammo budget is small, and American Eagle ammunition is carefully crafted to be accurate and to work effectively.

Similar to JHP bullets, the jacketed soft point design is similar and the copper jacket/lead core design serves to balance penetration and expansion. In many personal defence calibres, such as the powerful .327 Federal Magnum, these bullets are available.

  1. Federal Premium Personal Defense Low Recoil

Wouldn’t it be good to train with a defensive load with a heavy recoil? Federal Premium thought so, and that’s why they created their Low Recoil ammunition for Premium Personal Protection.

Lighter bullets at higher speeds help to greatly minimise the recoil, but for dangerous situations, they have plenty of stopping power. The Low Recoil ammunition is loaded with bullets from Hydra-Shok.

If with less punishment you want plenty of strength, this is your ammunition.

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