What Is More Important, Speed In Hitting Your Target or accuracy?

Owning a firearm is a huge responsibility, this is why you need to be trained in how to use it. Both speed and accuracy are important especially when you’re in a life-threatening situation.

The age-old debate about whether speed or accuracy is the most important is an ongoing one. Your aim should be to strike a balance between both of them. Here is an in-depth look at the importance of speed and accuracy.

What is Speed?

Speed is the fastest you can move or accomplish a physical task without making a mistake. If you are able to move fast on the draw but failed to hit the target or to achieve a powerful grip then it doesn’t matter what your speed is because your accuracy will not be good.

The quality of your speed would have been degraded by your lack of accuracy. It becomes obvious then that speed quality cannot be determined without taking a look at accuracy.

What is Accuracy?

Accuracy is your ability to hit a target correctly in any situation. When it comes to shooting a gun accuracy can be divided into two sections the technical aspect and the mechanical aspect.

Mechanical accuracy is directly related to the quality of your sight alignments. If your sights are off you will not be able to hit a target properly. The technical aspect of accuracy refers to your ability to use the fundamentals you have been taught about shooting. 

When both your mechanical and technical accuracy are sharp you will have a greater overall chance of hitting your target correctly. When you can do this you will achieve accuracy.

Speed vs Accuracy

Finding a balance between speed and accuracy is the ultimate goal of learning to shoot a gun. In most situations, you have a limited amount of time to respond. This is why it is vital that you have achieved a balance between your speed and your accuracy.

This balance comes about when there is a synonymous relationship between the shooter, the gun, and the environment. So, how do you achieve this harmony?

Self-control is the first step to achieving accuracy. You will need to resist that urge inside you that wants to draw without thinking about the mechanical and technical aspects of your draw.

Practicing with timed drills will force you to shoot with the objective of achieving accuracy and speed. When you do drills you must be fast enough to finish before the timer is up but you must also be accurate in order to successfully completed the drill.

The Verdict

Speed and accuracy cannot be separated from each other that is the final verdict. In order to shoot well, you must find a balance for your speed and accuracy. 

The only way this can be achieved is through practice. Once you practice often with this objective in mind eventually it will become second nature. Once you achieve that perfect balance the debate about whether speed or accuracy is more important will end for you.

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