Top 10 New Guns for 2021

Those enthusiastic about firearms understand which models are a success and which aren’t, and while 2020 was a great year for new gun releases, 2021 is proving to be stepping up in the same way. Quality manufacturers are stepping in to produce high quality guns this year and we’ve got the top ten new guns for the year listed below.

FN 509 Semi-Automatic Pistol

This is the pistol that is ranked the best for 2021 – it even comes with Vortex Venom Optic FDE. Compact and yet full-size, the FN 509 is a great example of a pistol that offers robust, hard-wearing accuracy. The procedures for testing FN guns goes above and beyond the minimum firearms industry requirements, too. Weighing at 26.6oz, this comes with a polished feed ramp and chamber and an ambidextrous slide stop lever with easy magazine release. The whole grip is designed for concealed carriers, and it comes with an FN Low Profile Optics Mounting System, too. The trigger pull is a little heavy, but it doesn’t outweigh the good things about this handgun.

Walther CCP M2 .380 Automatic Pistol

Striving towards perfection, Walther offers stylish design and the CCP range of guns is the most ergonomic of the range. It makes for an easy shooting experience, especially as there is a significantly reduced recoil. The CCP M2 .380 comes with Softcoil gas technology which works on that newly reduced recoil. With an 8-round capacity, the CCP M2 .380 is made with high quality stainless steel. The muzzle is precision crowned, and when empty, the gun weighs 19.4oz. As for safety, this is a gun with both a manual and an auto safety feature. With tool-less takedown, this is a gun to choose this year.

Bond Arms Backup

If you’re looking for a solid backup weapon, this is the one. It’s a small, pocket-sized weapon which is perfect for effortless concealed carry. The design is lightweight and it’s great for an everyday carry as a backup. There is a 2-round capacity to this Bond Arms model, and at close range, any assailant will no longer be able to misjudge the size of this one! With its unique wax casting and quality process, longevity is a given with this model! Palm sized, this gun offers comfort and control for any level of experience with guns. The barrel is fully interchangeable and while it’s not recommended as a main weapon, it’s a handy backup for any situation.

Ruger-57 5.7X28

The Ruger range of guns is highly respected and that’s for a good reason! If you want to meet your high performance expectations, then you’re in the right range of guns with the Ruger. This is a model that is State-compliant no matter where you are, as it comes with either a 20+1 round capacity or a 10+1. Weighing 24.5oz, you’ll find this a comfortable firearm to hold. This gun comes with a lockable hard case with 2 removable steel magazines. This has manual safety in either hand, and there is a significantly reduced recoil on this model. A trusted manufacturer, Ruger offers superb styling and durability. This is a model that’s built to last!

MPX Copperhead 9mm Pistol, Sig Sauer, INC

There’s no need to keep looking for that stand-out pistol when you find this Sig Sauer model. You’ll gain class and quality all at once, and you’ll find that this is not a pistol for the shy and retiring out there. It’s a unique design and the ultra-compactibility of this model ensures that you get those additional benefits of a smaller size. This has a coyote finish, with a monolithic upper receiver combining the handguard and upper receiver into one unit. The MPX Copperhead has a gas-piston operation and this means it’ll run in whichever environment you’re in. This model folds for convenience and you can use it in either hand. The downside? This is an expensive model!

MPX Noctis Semi-Automatic Rifle, Sig Sauer

Another Sig Sauer model, the MPX Noctis comes with Red Dot Sight, making it the best semi-automatic rifle for 2021. This offers style at every angle, and it’s a model that has been built to last. This offers high quality Pistol-Caliber Carbine and it utilizes a gas-operated short-stroke piston system. The rotating bolt is fully locked and closed and the rifle functions with 9mm ammo without adjusting the gas valve. With a 5-position collapsible buttstock, this is a flexible semi-automatic rifle. The MPX Noctis comes with an aluminum handguard, and this enables you to attach a range of tactical accessories to the rifle itself. The Red Dot Sight is a ROMEO5 model which offers you a better point of aim and unlimited eye relief.

Glock 44 .22LR Pistol

One of the most popular brands, Glock, is offering one of the best guns in 2021. If you’re a newbie to shooting, this is a sensible option and when it comes to firearms, this is a gun that’ll help you to walk before you go sprinting. The Glock 44 .22LR pistol is a lighter option, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a close relative to the Glock 19. Once you’ve mastered the Glock 44, you’ll be able to go on to try other options, too. This has a weight of 14.64oz when it’s empty, and it offers a 10-round capability and improved control.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm Pistol Without Manual Safety

Smith & Wesson are a legacy name in firearms, and the new Shield EZ comes in a 9mm caliber weapon and the EZ title means easy to load, easy to clean and easy to rack – it’s an easy option and it’s built for personal and home protection. Quick and accurate, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield has an 18-degree grip and this ensures that natural aim. This model offers confidence in self-protection and there is room for an ambidextrous thumb safety to be added.

Savage Arms 110 Ultralite .280 Bolt Action Rifle

Hunters out there will love this model for 2021, as this lightweight hunting rifle offers a wide choice of caliber and a high quality barrel. It’s ready to be chambered with 8 cartridges and it’s easy to understand the quality of this firearm when you see the barrel. Accuracy is something that was concentrated on by Savage Arms, and this is a build that’s weight-conscious. There is a signature Accufit synthetic stock AccuTrigger, too, and the trigger can be adjusted between 1.5 to 4-pounds. You can go hunting with the 110 Ultralight, which further strengthens the position of this rifle in the market.

Mossberg Patriot

If you’re looking for the best value for money in 2021, the Mossberg Patriot is the one to watch. A solid bolt for big game hunting, this is a rifle that offers high quality and rich features. Given the price you pay this is a model that will appeal for serious hunters out there. 

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