How old should you be to start training for firearm training?

Firearm training is recommended for anyone who has access to a firearm in the US. There are several benefits of training, but when should you start learning? In this guide, we’ll discuss when to begin training and explore some of the advantages of undertaking training at different ages. 

Is there a perfect age to start firearms training?

There is currently no legal age requirement, which dictates that people have to be a certain age to start training or that gun owners or handlers have to complete training by a specific date. There is a great deal of debate and conversation about the right age to start training to handle and keep firearms and there are various factors that influence the decisions people make. Some people champion starting early, while others are in favor of waiting a little longer. The age at which you start training or you encourage your children to take classes will depend upon your personal preferences. 

One of the main arguments for encouraging young people to undertake firearms training is enhanced safety. If people learn how to store, use and handle guns safely at a young age, the risk of accidents and incidents falls and they gain an understanding of how to be a responsible firearm owner. It’s also essential for younger people who are exposed to guns to learn the basics in terms of safety and understanding the importance of keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, keeping the hands away from the trigger and avoiding loading the gun until they are ready to shoot. Building up skills and knowledge using different types of guns and training sessions that are aimed at different age groups and levels of experience and ability can be beneficial. Some people take an interest in firearms at a very early age, while others won’t express any interest until much later in life. Providing training at an age where individuals are intrigued is a good idea. 

Why is firearms training important?

Firearms training is important for a number of reasons, but the most significant benefit is learning how to use a gun safely. A firearm has the potential to cause serious damage or injury, and therefore, it is critical that anyone who owns a firearm is able to utilize and store it safely. Completing training sessions and courses provides people with the knowledge they need to operate their gun safely and the practical skills to shoot effectively. There is an argument that undertaking training at an early age, for example, during the teenage years, can help to ensure that young people understand how and when to use guns and lower risks. As there is no legal requirement in place or guidelines that recommend training at a specific age, there is a degree of flexibility and some parents may want their children to learn at a different age to others. There are different sessions and programs available, including those targeted at youths, as well as more comprehensive firearms training courses for adults. 


There is no legal age limit for starting or completing firearms training. Training is hugely beneficial to enhance safety and there are various courses and schemes available. Some people believe that starting training early is beneficial for youngsters, while others prefer to wait until their children are older or they reach adulthood to discuss firearms training. 

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