Firearms training: how do you grip a semi auto pistol for the most accuracy?

Achieving increased accuracy is a priority for first-time gun users and more experienced owners that want to improve their marksmanship alike. While there are many factors to consider, such as developing the right stance or using two-eyed shooting, mastering your grip is unquestionably one of the most significant steps in successful firearms training.

If you are using a semi auto pistol, developing an accurate shot is far harder than they make it look in the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Here’s how to adapt your firearms training to get this aspect under control.

Starting with your stronger hand

Naturally, your grip will be largely dictated by your dominant hand. The barrel of the gun should be lined up parallel to the inside of your stronger hand’s forearm while your shooting hand should be positioned high and under the back strap.

The thumbs forward grip

Your non-dominant hand has a significant role in tightening your grip. The use of a ‘thumbs forward’ grip is a particularly popular method in firearms training because it leaves you with optimal strength throughout a whole range of motion without any weak points.

To achieve this, you should wrap your non-dominant hand’s fingers over the top of your dominant hand and ensure that the thumb is stretched down over the slide. 

An alternative method, known as ‘interlocked’ is to create the same grip but with one change. The thumb from your non-dominant hand will stretch over the thumb of your dominant hand rather than the gun itself. Your choice between the two is largely about personal preference.

Being firm

There is such a thing as holding the gun too tight, but the truth is that you are very unlikely to reach that level. Conversely, though, holding it too lightly is a very real danger that will allow it to recoil with far bigger impacts. In turn, this will make you lose accuracy and could result in hand injuries.

A strong grip manages the recoil but you can enhance the situation further with a better stance. The only way to develop the right grip is to practice. In turn, you will gain the muscle memory needed to manage the semi auto pistol and its natural recoil shot after shot.

Using dry ammo techniques can be a good way to get used to holding the gun before switching to training bullets. It will eventually start to feel more natural, and you will become a far more accurate marksman for it. Once you have mastered the grip, it is possible to move onto other aspects of developing a solid technique.

The final word

Of course, a good pistol grip is only useful when you have found the right handgun for your needs and preferences. Nonetheless, a strong grip is the foundation for developing a more accurate shot, especially as the trigger pull on this type of gun significantly outweighs the weight of the gun body.

And when you gain confidence by having a better grip, the rest of your firearms training should develop too.

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