Changes to Guns Laws for 2021

With Trump out and Biden in, America is in for some big changes in the next few years. It all starts with the proposed changes to the gun laws in 2021, and the possibility that the Biden administration can push some gun control laws is going to be a positive thing. The important thing to note is that there are no changes that are taking guns away from people who have them legally and with a license. The ideas that the Biden campaign have to reform the way we keep guns and the policy shifts coming into play are going to ruffle a few feathers. On the surface, the changes include:

  • Limiting the ownership of assault rifles and magazines with high-capacity ammunition. No homeowner needs to have an assault rifle, and limiting this ownership means that people can feel safer about their children at school each day.
  • Buy back programs are looking to be initiated, enabling the government to buy back guns that are no longer wanted or needed.
  • Initiating new policies that require background checks for all sales of guns.
  • Loopholes in the federal system that currently exist are going to be closed.
  • Online sales of ammunition and firearms that are listed by unauthorised and unlicensed sellers will be ended entirely.

The Biden administration is a good thing for the gun manufacturing industry and gun sales have risen dramatically in the wake of the Biden anti-gun campaign that was promised thrughout the campaign for votes. The Second Amendment rights were written in 1791, and the right to bear arms still stands – the difference is that the changes keep the safety of the public in mind and there is less of a risk of those with poor mental health and without a license illegally obtaining guns. Disarming those who are not of sound mind is not a bad thing, and being able to bear arms is still a right. Sheila Jackson Lee has laid out some changes for 2021, and they are impressive to look at. The changes to the gun laws include the following:

H.R. 130: “To require the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, and to require the investigation of reports of improper storage of firearms or ammunition.” 

All firearms should be stored safely, and making this Bill pass will ensure that those who are legally holding firearms have to – by law – keep them in lockboxes and not just tucked under the bed. Ammunition is the same, it has to be stored correctly and legally or it cannot be bought at all. If there are firearms or ammunition that are not stored correctly, there will be investigations and consequences into the lack of storage. Those buying firearms and ammunition will need to have storage before purchase.

H.R. 135: “To require the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report to the Congress semiannually on the number of firearms transfers resulting from the failure to complete a background check within 3 business days, and the procedures followed after it is discovered that a firearm transfer has been made to a transferee who is ineligible to receive a firearm.”

The FBI is getting involved in the ownership of firearms and ammunition – and rightly so. The number of firearms being transferred should only be that way for those purchasing guns and ammunition legally. This way, guns that are moved illegally are traced and tracked to ensure that those who are ineligible to receive and use firearms don’t get hold of them. There is enough history to show that we need stricter controls over who has firearms in the home.

H.R. 121: “To provide for the hiring of 200 additional Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents and investigators to enforce gun laws.”

With additional agents on the ground, only those with the correct, thorough background checks will be in receipt of firearms and ammunition. Enforcing these laws means that only those who SHOULD be handling guns – sensibly, for hunting and in honor of the Second Amendment – handle them. Extra investigators creates jobs, allows for the correct handling of ammunition and firearms and keeps track of the law.

H.R. 127: “To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.”

With the correct licenses, retaining guns is lawfully allowed. H.R. 127 will mean that certain guns and ammunition such as assault rifles and magazines are prohibited. These are weapons not used for home protection or hunting and they are unnecessary in the hands of civilians. Registering firearms will enable the police and agents to track these weapons, and if a crime is committed it won’t be a cold case as the weapon is tracked to the owner. Licensed firearms still allows people the right to bear arms – just safely.

H.R. 125: “To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide for a 7-day waiting period before a semi automatic firearm, a silencer, armor piercing ammunition, or a large capacity ammunition magazine may be transferred.”

These items of ammunition and firearms are unnecessary in a civilian home, but when they are bought by a licensed gun owner, there will be a cooling off period before transfer to enable time for extensive background checks.

H.R. 167: “To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer.”

This is one of the loopholes we mentioned earlier that needs to be closed. If someone is not licensed to deal in firearms, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell them at a gun show without the appropriate licensing and background checks being performed. This loophole closure ensures that  those who hold firearms do so legally.

These changes may feel like a bad thing to those who are looking to continue to bear arms, but the important thing to remember is that these changes in 2021 are about safety. The Second Amendment is not being repealed – it’s being made so Americans are safer.

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