Best New Ammo for 2021

2021 is going to look a little different to other years when it comes to the purchase of ammunition for firearms. Why? Well, the companies that are loading ammunition are backed up with orders and it’s because more people than ever are purchasing ammo right now. The good news is that ammunition brands aren’t letting people down, especially when it comes to the best new ammo for 2021. Some of the best new ammo for 2021 is listed below:

6.8 Western

The newest introduction of the rifle hunting cartridge includes the 6.8 Western this year. Winchester and Browning have put their ammunition heads together and this new ammo is designed for connections with big game at longer distances. The bullets themselves are heavier and can be easily fired from 6.5mm cartridges. They offer more energy at a distance and they have a faster 1-in-8 twist rate.

Winchester 6.8 SPC 115-grain Deer Season XP

MSR cartridges such as the .224 Valkyrie, the 350 Legend and the 6mm ARC have been recently introduced, and for 2021, Winchester have introduced the 6.8 SPC 115-grain Deer Season XP. It’s not the same as a .270 Winchester, but it’s just as reliable to handle any whitetail at moderate range.

Federal 12-Gauge 3-Inch Heavyweight TSS

This Heavyweight TSS has a huge velocity – 1150 fps and it’s brought to you by Federal for 2021. It’s a popular one used by hunters of smaller birds, and the duplex load included is packed tightly with 2oz of No. 7 and No. 9 shot. There’s also a FLIGHTCONTROL wad, with an advertised muzzle velocity that is – again – 1150 fps! It’s an expensive ammunition choice for your firearms at $70 a box, but if you appreciate quality when you are hunting, this is a good place to start. You will get enough oomph from your Federal 12-Gauge 3 inch Heavyweight TSS.

Browning Wicked Blend

This option is a split between steel and bismuth, and it’s a collection of loads that are specifically for waterfowl. The combination of steel and bismuth shot is a lethal one, and it hits harder the further you are from the target. It’s stacked in the wad above the steel (of which it’s made of 70%) and it can create an exceptionally dense pattern that hits waterfowl much harder the farther it is. There are four 12 gauge loads and a shorter, single 20 gauge load and these are all offering precision for the best in pattern density. The Browning BXD wad is utilized in all Wicked Blend loads for a much better performance at an extreme distance.

Federal Premium Handgun Loads

Handguns are not a common feature when it comes to hunting, but Federal have offered a range of ammo that will work with handguns. The Swift A-Frame bullet is highly regarded and the first is a 100-grain offering for the .327 Federal Magnum. It’s an excellent and often underestimated revolver cartridge that has a ton of potential when it comes to the hunting of feral hogs and deer. The second is actually a 200-grain load built for 10mm, and it’s mostly used for self-defense. 

350 Legend – Winchester

Speaking of the 350 Legend above, Winchester has added two new loads to the 350 Legend line. It was originally designed for states that allow straight-wall cartridges when it comes to hunting deer, but the two lines include the Deer Season Line which has a 150-grain Extreme Point bullet. This will deliver better cavities. Next you have the self-defense load and this uses a hollow point bullet with a 160-grain bond. Both will be perfect for deer, bear and hogs. 

6.5 PRC – Browning, Winchester, Federal Premium

One of the most popular hunting cartridges out there is the 6.5 PRC and in 2021, three brands are offering new loads for this range. Federal Premium offers a 149-grain load in their Fusion line, with a 120-grain lead-free load in the Meat Eater Trophy Copper line. Browning are offering a Long Range Pro Hunter ammo line and in this line, there is a new 130-grain Sierra Tipped GameKing load. Winchester is an old favorite and is offering a 142-grain Nosler AccuBond Long Range load in the Expedition LR line.

Federal Premium HammerDown

Three new loads have been added to the HammerDown line from Federal and it was initially one of the most exciting ammunition announcements in 2020. HammerDown cartridges are plated with nickel and the chamfered rim works to ease loading in lever guns. Bullets are also specifically tuned up to work well at the lever-gun velocity. The first of the three loads is the .35 Remington with a 200-grain bullet. Next is the 270-grain bullet for the .444 Marlin. Finally, you get a .45 Colt with a 250-grain which will perform exceptionally well in a revolver.

Buffalo Bore .32 Winchester

The new lever load introduced by Winchester for the Buffalo Bore is introduced in 2021. For lever guns, Buffalo Bore Ammunition offers the .32  Winchester Special and this is a cartridge most newbies to firearm training won’t have heard of. It’s not as old as the .30-30, but the .32 Winchester has been resurrected again with the 170-grain jacketed flat nose bullet. This has a muzzle velocity of 2300 fps. It can drive up to 24 inches and deliver double-diameter expansion. You’ll be looking for a lever gun in .32 once you experience this load this year.

Winchester DoubleX Diamond Grade .410 Turkey Load

The .410 is not as obsolete as some would like to think. It’s also not just a starter gun for hunters. Serious hunters should consider a .410 and the reason is because they’ve been updated. The technological advances that have come for shotshells have made a .410 more popular than ever before. Each one is 3-inches, 3/4oz in weight and features No. 7.5 Diamond Grade shot at 1100 fps. The patterns on this one are designed to be delivered tightly and while it doesn’t hit as hard as a 12 gauge does, it doesn’t kick as hard either which protects you.

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