Are Two Spare Mags Enough?

Having enough magazines for your firearm is essential because of several reasons which include:

  • You have replacement magazines in case one is damaged.
  • You can go firearm training without worrying about the number of ammunition you have.
  • There is no need to keep on shopping for new magazines every time you are using your gun.
  • You are sure that your weapon is ready for use at any time.

Most people have only the magazine on the gun and a spare one for replacement. These are people who only have two magazines, and they do not need to acquire more. Even two extra magazines can be enough, but this depends on several factors.

Usage of the Gun

The number of magazines mainly depends on how you use your firearm, including how often you use it. You have to be using your gun regularly to require more ammunition. Some people train periodically, and such people need more than two magazines. 

Some people also use their firearms for sports and other such activities that require a sizable number of magazines. But if you purchased your gun for self-protection and did not participate in activities that might require a lot of ammunition, two spare magazines are enough.

Type of Magazines

Some magazines hold more bullets than others, depending on their design. You can have a single magazine with the same number of bullets as three magazines of a different type. 

Consequently, the number of magazines you need may depend on the capacity of the magazines you use. It is important to carefully check your magazine’s ability to establish the number of magazines you might need depending on your needs.

Magazine Availability

Some people live very close to gun shops where they can easily access extra magazines whenever they need more. Such people do not necessarily need many magazines because they can walk in their local gun stores and purchase the number of magazines they need. 

But if you stay in a relatively distant place from the closest gun store, you need a considerable huge stock of magazines. You should have about five magazines at any given time, depending on your needs.

Regulations and Laws

When determining the number of magazines you should have, it is also essential to consider the local laws and regulations. You cannot purchase a massive load of magazines and keep them in your home just because you require extra magazines. 

Rules in different places regulate the number of magazines you can purchase at any given time. You need to get authorized permission to purchase ammunition beyond the stipulated limit.

Ways To Ensure You Have Enough Magazines

It is always essential to make sure that you have enough magazines for your gun because this helps to avoid running out of ammunition when you need to use the weapon. There are several ways of ensuring this and they include:

Always Have More Than Enough

You probably know your approximate magazine usage in a certain period depending on how often you use your gun. You might be a person who uses an average of five magazines in a month because you visit the shooting range after every two weeks. 

If you are such a person, you should have about seven magazines at your disposal to cover any emergency.

Mark Your Magazines

It is also helpful to mark all the magazines you have so that you can easily take stock. You will know the magazines that might be faulty and therefore know whether they are useful or not. 

By labeling and marking your magazines, you will know when you need to replenish your stock since you can quickly tell the full magazines from those that are not.

Keep All Your Magazines In One Place

You might be among the people who keep their magazines in different places because you have separate homes or do not have time to maintain the magazines in one place. Keeping the magazines in several locations might make you forget some of them and, therefore, make you assume you have fewer magazines than you have.

 It is advisable to ensure that you keep your magazines in the same safe place to know the total number of magazines you have at any given time. Through this, you will be able to do quick calculations and therefore know whether you have enough magazines or not.

You can also easily access your magazines whenever you need them without wasting time looking for them. Therefore, the number of magazines you have for your gun depends on several factors where two spare magazines can be enough for others.

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