Top 5 Glock Handguns To Carry/CCW

Initially produced by Austrian born engineer Gaston Glock in 1982, Glock has become the standard for firearms around the world. Glock is widely used around world in both Police and Military outfits in over 40 countries. Glock is also an extremely popular choice for civilians for recreational and competition shooting, home and self defense, and concealed or open-carry.

That being said Glock is an exceptional firearm for whatever situation, but these in our opinion are the top to carry.

1. Glock 19

Many firearm experts have called the Glock 19 the “perfect” handgun. A mid sized handgun can be used as a concealed carry or a duty weapon. While the Glock 19 is very concealable it also has excellent capacity along with a full grip. A common use for many police officers. The Glock 19 is chambered in 9mm which is arguably the most common caliber for a handgun. Coming in with a barrel length of 4.02in, weighing 23.99 oz, and a standard capacity of 15 rounds.CHECK THE PRICE!

Glock 19

2. Glock 22

Far and ahead the most popular police service pistol. The Glock 22 was initially a Glock 17 which was adapted to shoot a new caliber ammunition. The Glock 22 is a full size firearm which makes a bit uncomfortable to Conceal Carry. With the larger .40 S&W rounds the Glock 22 can hold up to 15 rounds.



Glock 22

3. Glock 17

Like the Glock 19 and Glock 22 the 17 is also a very popular choice for duty within many police and military units. The Glock 17 offers high capacity and a full-sized frame, but still is a relatively light gun. The Glock 17 comes with a very strong finish and is extremely durable. The Glock 17 does not scratch easily and will not rust. The biggest selling point of the Glock 17 is the reliability. Rarely does this gun misfire which is a huge selling point for both military and police outfits.CHECK THE PRICE!

Glock 17

4. Glock 23

The Glock 23 comes in a very similar size and shape of the Glock 19. One of the main differences is the capacity of the magazine and the caliber. The Glock 23 has a capacity of 13 rounds. The Glock 23 is chambered for a .40 S&W cartridge. The trigger action for the Glock 23 is very fast and near rapid reset. This is a very accurate and reliable firearm. Whether you are looking for a new CCW or a gun to leave at home we can not recommend the Glock 23 enough.CHECK THE PRICE!

Glock 23 Online

5. Glock 43

Featuring a polymer frame and a steel slide at first glance the Glock 43 appears to be a small version of the G17 or G19. Unlike their cousins tge Glock 43 come in a single stack magazine, which makes the firearm significantly smaller and that much easier to conceal. The smaller size also makes it more comfortable. The single stack magazine has a capacity of 6 rounds, and one in the chamber. 9mm ammo for this small beast, the abundance of ammunition in the market also makes this a popular option.CHECK THE PRICE!

Glock 43

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