A Look Into SKB Shotguns

If there’s a shotgun company that has always received praise regardless of price, it is SKB shotguns. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy to see from its rich history and heritage that the company is passionate about its products.

The Beginning

The story of this company can be traced way back in 1548 when Japan’s Kyushu province received a visit from Portuguese gun merchants. Japan was in the midst of the civil war, this was the first time the country saw modern guns.  

By the latter part of the 19th century, the well established Mito clan has a gun repair factory they were particularly proud of. This is where Shigyo Sakaba completed his apprenticeship and went on to be in charge of the clan’s production of guns. The factory developed a reputation for its excellent craftsmanship, apparent in its strong construction and quality.  

A Shotgun Arms Company 

Shigyo Sakaba later established his own company in the early 60s. This company excelled in blending the old-school craftsmanship with modern technology to manufacture premier guns ready for the field. This is what came to be known as SKB Arms Company, the SKB was inspired by his surname, Sakaba.  

From semi-automatic to single barrels, the shotguns from SKB were exported all over the world, including countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, among others.


Rise And Fall 

The early 1960s also saw SKB produce guns for Ithaca Gun Company. However, production for them ceased in 1978 following Ithaca’s bankruptcy protection incident. Again, in 1979, Chicago’s Mitsui company sought to re-enter SKB in the US market. This deal didn’t last for long due to the declining condition of the US economy and the skyrocketing interest rates. The failure didn’t stop SKB from signing with the Miroku factory that manufactured stocks and barrels.  

SKB’s path to success wasn’t smooth. The company was driven to the brink of bankruptcy over and over again. No amount of takeovers and sub-contracts seemed to alleviate the effects of sudden changes in economic conditions.  

A Stable Future 

Currently, SKB has a license agreement with two Turkish factories, Akus and Akdas. These are well-known shotgun manufacturers in their own right and follow the same motto of combining high-quality material with craftsmanship like SKB. The soul of SKB has remained intact this way.  

There’s only one thing SKB had set out to do. It was Providing shotguns tailored to the needs of competitive shooters. The style remains old-school while the performance only improves with every new model. The company strives to constantly improve its production level and makes sure that the construction only gets better and the operation, easier.  

Final Thoughts on SKB Shotguns 

Other than shotguns, they also produce replacement wood, side x side, semi-automatics, over and under, other gun tools, and accessories. You can also get the required gun care products from them.  

Affordability is also a significant factor for SKB. It started as a small factory, and the company still believes shotguns should be available at a price people can afford without having to compromise on the quality.  

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