SIG Sauer Cross Rifle

This one is a modern favorite, and with good reason. The SIG Sauer cross rifle comes in a variety of models, so the first thing to say here is that you do at least have a lot of choice. But there are some definite characteristics that all those models share, and this firearm is nothing if not powerful. If you are in the market for a cross rifle, then any of these from SIG Sauer are unlikely to disappoint. But which is best, and what can you actually expect from them? Let’s take a look at these firearms in some detail.

Ideal For Hunters

The main selling point of these cross rifles is that they are the ideal weapon for hunters. If you are thinking about starting up hunting again, or you just want a new weapon to add to your arsenal for hunting, then the SIG Sauer cross rifles are definitely going to be the way to go. With these guns, you get precision and accuracy every time, with a smooth handling that is really rare in rifles of this size, and if that isn’t enough then it’s also one of the most trusted brands for rifles in the world.

Different Models & Their Specs

Because there are a few different models of the cross rifles offered by SIG Sauer, it’s a good idea to take a look at all of the different specs and see which is likely to be the most suitable for you. That is really the only way to make sure that you get the right one, and it might help you to more fully understand what you are looking at here too. So here are some of the major specs of these models and how they differ, for your reference.


The caliber is of course one of the first pieces of information you need to find out, and it does vary a lot across these models. For the CROSS-308-16B-FLC you are looking at 308 Win; for the CROSS-65-18B and CROSS-65-18B-FLC it’s 6.5 Creedmoor; the CROSS-277-16B and CROSS-277-16B-FLC have 277 Fury; and the CROSS-308-16B is a 308 Win too. Depending on what you are looking for, you might have to try out a few of these models to see what you are up against.

Barrel Length

So how does the barrel length differ across these models? As it happens, there is not a huge amount of variation here. They are all 16in, in fact, except for two – the CROSS-65-18B and the CROSS-65-18B-FLC, which come in at 18in instead.

Mags Included

How many magazines come with each cross rifle from SIG Sauer? Well, in fact each comes with only one – but you will probably find that this is perfectly ample for most hunting, and you can of course get more if you really need to. All mags are AICS.

Twist Rate

Any hunter knows that you need to have a good idea of your weapon’s twist rate before you know whether it is the right weapon for the job. The majority of these models have a twist rate of between 1:8-1:8.5, with the exceptions of the CROSS-308-16B-FLC and the CROSS-308-16B where the twist rate is instead 1:10.


What of the overall length of the guns? There is not a huge variation, as you would expect, but it is good to know the smallest difference here before you get your hands on one of these cross rifles. The slightly shorter models are the CROSS-308-16B-FLC, the CROSS-277-16B, the CROSS-277-16B-FLC and the CROSS-308-16B, which all measure a total of 36.5in. The other two are a little longer, at 38.5in.


As you would expect, the longer models mentioned above do weigh slightly more – but only fractionally. They weigh in at 6.8lbs, while the rest are only 6.5lbs. So there is not a huge amount of difference between them all.

Common Features

As well as understanding the differences between the models, it might also be helpful to look into some of the features of these rifles which they have in common. There are many of these, and these are some of the most-loved and most important specs of the SIG Sauer cross rifles overall. The action type on each is the same, a Bolt, and they each come with a 5rd Polymer Mag as well as a SIG Precision Stock – one of the main selling points of these rifles compared to other brands.

Beyond that, all of these cross rifles are constructed of stainless steel for the highest possible quality you can find in rifles. The trigger type on each is a 2-stage match, and the forend is alloy on all of them too. The grip is a polymer, as standard. The threads on each rifle are 5/8in with 24 tpi. The operating system is Bolt-Action across the board. As you can see, these rifles have plenty in common with each other, and no matter which one you end up going for you are probably going to find it suitable for your hunting needs.

A Great All-Rounder For Hunting

These rifles have been received very well since their release, being particularly popular amongst knowledgeable and experienced hunters. Whether you are one of them, or you are just starting to get into hunting, you are going to find these rifles to be the perfect companion to your gun safe, and you should absolutely look into buying one soon to see what all the fuss is about.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter too much which one you go for, as these are all suitably powerful and user-friendly weapons which come with some amazing features, as outlined above. No matter what you might be looking for, these cross rifles are definitely some top options for you to consider.


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